10 Classic Toys That Are Adored for Generations


Babies and toddlers love to play with toys. Toys are their friend and companions. Not only can those toys also help them to learn while having loads of fun. There are many types of toys available in the market. Out them there are some toys which still has the same demand that they has decades ago. These toys are classic toys which are gifted to kids for generations. These toys truly justify the phrase old is gold. Now let us have a look at some of these toys. In this list parents will find toys which were their childhood favorites.

Toys like Dolls and Toy Cars
Some Toys like Dolls and Toy Cars Are Still Popular among Children

Building Blocks:

This toy is truly a classic. Babies will rack up hours of tumbling and stacking without getting bored. They will become more creative as they grow older. They will want to play with them for a long time. These toys come in various designs and colors. Playing with building blocks has numerous benefits for children. Such toys contribute to the development of both fine and large motor skills. As the kids reach for the blocks, lift them, move them and build the blocks, it leads to the strengthening of their arms, hands and fingers and also helps in the development of hand-eye coordination. They also enhance the imagination and interaction skills in children. Studies show that children become more socially-savvy and friendly when working on cooperative construction projects like building blocks.


The toy baby girls love to play with. Children are playing with dolls for centuries now. Even in ancient times dolls were used as toys. At that time they were made using wood, clothes etc. Now you can gift your baby dolls made of plastic. The dolls also come with attractive sets. There are many popular brands who manufacture dolls. The modern dolls can sing, walk and talk.

Stacking Cups:

These toys are fun to play with. Babies love to build towers with them and then knock them down. Putting right shapes and sorting the lids help babies to develop better hand eye coordination and learn reasoning skills.


Another exciting toy for the babies is puzzles. This helps babies to increase their reasoning skills, problem solving skills and fine motor skills. Puzzles increase the visual spatial awareness in children and teach them seeing whole-part relationships. Puzzles also teach the children various topics like shape recognition, color recognition, numbers, alphabets, categories like transport vehicles and pets, and much more. Puzzles require a child to place each and every piece after thinking properly whether it fits or not. This trial and error method enhances the problem solving kills and also hand-eye coordination in children. Puzzles can be of many sizes and various difficulty levels. Some of them are shape puzzles and jigsaw puzzles.

Music Instruments:

Kids are natural drummers. Just give your child a drum and listen to the music he makes. Gift your baby a toy drum and let him explore rhythm and music. It will also increase the baby’s knowledge of various kinds of sounds. Music has numerous benefits for a child. Children playing music instruments have an increased level of concentration, better communication skills and enhanced understanding of math. A child involved in playing music instruments is likely to perform well in his/her school and studies too.

Baby Rattles:

You can purchase a Rattles for your Baby. Rattles provide entertainment with knowledge of various sounds.

Baby Bouncers:

Baby bouncers are chairs covered with fabric which bounces when the baby move.

Kitchen Set:

Babies love to cook food using their toy kitchen set. Give a baby a kitchen set and let him explore facts about kitchens and food. It will also help to increase their organizational skills.

Vehicle Sets:

We all had them we all loved them. Toy trains and cars are an excellent toy to play with. With just a bit of imagination any surface becomes a road. Kids love to see trains running on tracks. They love racing two cars using their hands. There are many types of vehicles and trains are available. They also have various functionalities. There also remote controlled vehicles available for older children.

Art Supplies:

Let the artist in your baby flourish. Give babies color sets or sketch pencils and let them explore their creativity.


The Modern versions of these classic toys are safe and have enhanced functionality. These toys also come in a variety of models. So go ahead and buy the ones your child loves to play with.


Anna Mathews writes for a number of websites specialising in Gift Ideas. With an engineering background she is particularly interested in how a right gift can make a permanent impression on some one.