9 Classic Mother’s Day Present Ideas


Many mothers look forward to Mother’s Day because their family finally shows them the appreciation that they deserve. This day brings the family together to express their love for mom. It’s a joyous occasion filled with heartwarming memories.

You understand the importance of Mother’s Day, so you plan to make it special this year. Start planning for the day by assessing your mother’s personality. What gift would really mean something to her?

Mother’s Day Gifts
Mother’s Day Gifts

Next decide whether you want to get your mom something practical, something she needs, or something fun, something she wants. Evaluate whether your mom values experiences or possessions more. Then decide if it’s more appropriate to get her a physical representation of your love, or show it to her with an activity.

Now that you have a better grasp on the type of present to get your mom. Here are a few of our suggestions.


Stick with the classics by bringing your mother to brunch for Mother’s Day. Gather the family to toast to mom.

Consider putting a little more effort into brunch by making it. She’ll appreciate the effort, even if your meal isn’t Gordon Ramsay standard.

Wine Shop on Mother's Day
Wine Shop on Mother’s Day

Wine Tasting

Use Yelp to find a listing of the best wine shops in your area. Next, narrow it down to ones that have weekly wine tastings. Pick a date that works for you and your mom. Present her with the tickets on Mother’s Day.

Deal sites, such as Groupon, also have daily deals about wine tasting events. Monitor those to find the best wine tasting experience for your mom.

Personalized Gifts

Personal Creations and Personalization Mall basically allows you to customize anything (e.g. mugs, pictures, jewelry, etc.). These sites are good to consider if you want to give your mom the standard, but caring, customized gifts.

For a more unique personalize option, use sites like Uncommon Goods and Etsy.

Personalized Gifts for Mother
Personalized Gifts for Mother

Movie Night

Make a day out of seeing the latest popcorn flick. Cover all your mother’s expenses, including tickets, concession stand snacks, and dinner after. If your mother isn’t a fan of any of the latest movies, rent her favorite movies, order some food, and have a family movie night.


Buy your mother some heartwarming books about mothers and daughters. Read the books together, and then discuss them later. If your mother is a big reader, sign her up for Book of the Month. The subscription has different plans.

The cheapest plan is a month to month subscription. You only pay $5 the first month, and about $15 for the remaining months. You can skip months and only pay when you want one of the books. Each month, you select one book from the monthly selection.

Book of the Month also offers yearly plans that cost about $12 per month, but you must pay for the entire year. Members also have the opportunity to purchase additional monthly selections for about $10 each.

Shopping for Mother’s Day
Shopping for Mother’s Day


Ponder your mother’s habits or dreams. Pick a class that fits with her hobbies or goals, such as cooking, photography, painting, yoga, or dance classes. Keep the classes to a one day course, so it’s something you can enjoy together without having to worry about making a commitment to the course.

Shopping Spree

Take your mother on a lavish shopping spree. Let her pick whatever she wants, within reason, and you pay the entire bill. Use groupon coupons at expensive shops, such as Eddie Bauer, to make sure that you can afford the entire trip.

Matching Jewelry

Honor your bond with your mother by buying her a certain charm, and you wear the matching one, or get puzzle piece gold necklaces. Buy a gift that allows her to own one part and you the other, to show you’ll always be together, even if not physically.