After-Christmas Gift Ideas for Young Adults


A lot has changed since your daughter started college. Sure, it’s only been a few months, but you and your spouse feel her absence on a daily basis. Every time you walk by her vacant bedroom, you miss hearing your little girl watch television, do homework or gab away with friends. Thus, when your daughter announced that she’d be spending winter break at home, you were over the moon. The opportunity to have the entire family together for the holiday season isn’t something you’d dream of passing up. Unfortunately, despite having an enjoyable Christmas, your daughter wasn’t very forthcoming about what she wanted. She seemed to genuinely like all the clothing and assorted knickknacks she received, but you can’t help but feel she was hoping for something else. Luckily, there’s plenty of time to buy her a fantastic post-holiday gift before classes resume. If you’re unclear on what to get a young adult, you can’t go wrong with the following options.

New or Pre-Owned Vehicle

If your daughter is having trouble getting around her current locale, she can benefit from having her own vehicle. Since many college towns are rural in nature, public transport is often scarce – or nonexistent. Having a car will enable your little girl to get around town without having to constantly bum rides off friends or wait for buses in unfavorable weather. A reliable new or used vehicle will provide a long-lasting solution to your daughter’s transportation woes.

Cutting-Edge Smart Phone

It’s no secret that tweens, teens and young adult are crazy about smart phones. In many cases, smart phones seem like natural extensions of young adults’ bodies. Whether they’re at home, in class or out in public, young people can’t seem to take their eyes off their phone screens. To ensure that your daughter is able to comfortably stay in touch with you, talk to friends and surf the web with ease, consider buying her a top-of-the-line smart phone. The right phone will enable your daughter to engage in a wide range of mobile computing tasks while having crystal-clear conversations with friends and family members. Best of all, with a high-quality smart phone at her disposal, she’ll no longer have an excuse to not call home on a regular basis.

Videogame Console

If your daughter has a soft spot for videogames, you can find fantastic after-Christmas deals on a wide range of software and consoles. With the Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 carrying such hefty price-tags at the time of their respective launches, many gamers wisely chose to wait for the prices to drop. Now, just over a year later, their patience has paid off. With both consoles reducing their sticker prices by over $100, there’s no better time to snatch one up. Alternatively, if your daughter is a fan of portable consoles, a 3DS XL or PlayStation Vita would make an awesome after-Christmas stocking stuffer.

As seasoned parents know, teenagers and young adults can be notoriously difficult to shop for. While many of them have very specific expectations, few are willing to share them with parents. By sending your daughter back to school with a dependable car, high-tech smart phone or cutting-edge videogame console, you ensure that she has a belated happy holiday.