Bridesmaid Gifts to Cherish Forever


If you’re planning a wedding, it may seem like you have a never-ending to-do list. Often, the details fall to the wayside so that you can take care of the bigger picture, like the band, food, and venue, not to mention the dress. It can be so overwhelming that things like your bridal party gifts can end up on the bottom of the list. However, you can’t forget the women that stand by your side, come to every fitting, and plan your bachelorette party, so here are some bridesmaid gift ideas that your bridal party is sure to cherish forever.

Monogrammed Toiletry Bags or Luggage: This timeless gift is perfect for your bridal party, especially if you’re having a destination wedding. Luggage is a new “it” accessory, and you want your bridesmaids to travel in style. If a whole luggage set is too out of your budget, then toiletry bags are a perfect stand-in. Pottery Barn has a whole line of monogram-worthy travel sets perfect for your bridal party.

Monogrammed Bathrobes: Who doesn’t love the pictures of the bride and her bridal party holding champagne flutes in bathrobes the day she says “I do”? Personalized bathrobes are a great bridesmaid gift that your loved ones are sure to use over and over again. Go for the plush terry-cloth ones or a slinky satin look, and this gift will surely be one to please.

Jewelry: If you want your bridesmaids to wear matching jewelry for your wedding, then jewelry is the perfect gift. Be sure to buy jewelry that fits all of your gal’s tastes and styles. This can be challenging enough, but there’s an easy fix. We all know that pearls are the ultimate wedding jewelry; so buying your bridesmaids a simple strand is an amazing gift. Many pearl jewelers have a variety of necklace clasps that can fit your friend’s individual style – switching up the necklace clasps for each of your will help them see how thoughtful your gift was and cherish it for years to come.

Bridesmaid Gift
Bridesmaid Gift

Emergency Kit: Whether you’re buying your bridesmaids a toiletry bag or not, an emergency kit is a great gift that will keep on giving. Include all the necessities for a flawless evening out on the town, like bandaids, ibuprofen, lipstick, oil/makeup remover pads, a nail file, and fashion tape – if your bridesmaids don’t need it the night of your nuptials, they’ll be able to throw it into their purse every time they go out.

Stationary: Every woman needs a sleek stationary set to pen thank you cards, love notes, and to-do lists. Why not give your bridesmaids individualized stationary sets that they can use for years to come. A plus? You can inscribe on a leaf of stationary, and send along with a funny picture of you and your girls from your bachelorette party or bridal shower.

Your bridesmaids are there for you through thick-and-thin, and they’ve been stressed out about your wedding, bachelorette party, and bridal shower – sometimes, more than you were. Finding the perfect gift is a great way to say thank you for all of the hard work they’ve done, and to remind them (and yourself!) that even though you’ve found your man, you still need your girls.