Dinky Toys: The Timeless Collectable


Dinky Toys are generally regarded as a great British classic, a collectable toy first established by Frank Hornby’s Meccano Ltd. back in 1931. Since then they’ve been bringing joy to many a household throughout the decades, and are still highly sought after to this day.

Without a doubt, Dinky Toys are considered to be some of the most successful toys ever made, and are still widely popular because of their highly collectable nature. In fact, many hundreds of clubs have sprung up all across the world, founded on a mutual love of these classic British toys.

The toys themselves are die-cast zamac miniature cars, buses, vans, trucks, lorries, military and construction vehicles, and are reminiscent of the older, quality toys which were designed to last and be passed down from parents to their children.

Older collectable Dinky Toys have their own certain appeal, with their own charming imperfections that show they’ve been loved over the years. Older generations are familiar with the brand and holding one summons up fond memories of times gone by.

With their unique level of realism, Dinky Toys have never really been rivalled, with competitors such as Hot Wheels taking over a different aspect of the market, with cheaply produced alternatives.

Did you know that up until 1939, Dinky Toy cars were produced with white-walled tyres? The change came about when a Liverpool factory worker noticed that UK cars didn’t typically have white-walled tyres, and since then UK tyres have been black.

Kids of all ages still love to play with Dinky Toys, and they’re also fondly remembered by adults. They’re a great aid for your children’s imagination, without involving computers or expensive equipment; a good old fashioned toy that has that lasting factor.

Dinky Toy lovers of the world unite!