E-Cigratte A Gift For Health Living


What are E Cigarettes?

E Cigarettes are also called as the vaporizer cigarettes or the E-cigarettes. These are the cigarettes which appear like devices emitting vapors rather than the harmful smoke. This electronic cigar was developed as a healthy alternative to the tobacco product. It has been powered with help of the small battery. There are e-cigs which a user inhales after sucking the vapors just as they do with traditional cigars.

E-cigs features which reduce the smoking rate

E Cigarettes have really proved beneficial in curbing down the rate of smokers. Smoking activity is considered injurious to health. These e-cigs have helped in stopping the chain smoking activity also. To, many smoking is just psychological. When people find some similar alternatives then they get the feel but the healthy is unaffected as real smoke is not entering the body, nor affecting lungs.

Apt research on the E Cigarettes

Using E Cigarettes does not have any association with cardiac function which is one of the acute negative effects. Many Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center researchers from Greece (Athens) have reported in the Cardiology 2012 European Society Conference in Germany (Munich). Dr Konstantinos who held the key note in the conference said that as per the latest data available, E Cigarettes have considerably been less harmful compared to tobacco. There are many people who have switched to e-cigs from the tobacco smoking. It is ideally the best health move.

As per the (WHO) World Health Organization, nearly deaths of 1 billion people have caused due to smoking by this century end. This is considered as the preventable risk aspect for the cardiac and the lung disease. The manufacturers of the Electronic cigarette and distributors are promoting e- cigs product which are assumed to be quite a safe alternative for the regular smokers. Today these E Cigarettes are widely used all across the globe and promoted as health entity.

E Cigarettes can be gifted to people who are regular or chain tobacco smokers. Once people try these e-cigs, very less chances are there that they will opt for other conventional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette depicts the actions and the sensations experienced form the tobacco smoking. However, in these cigs the user inhales the vapors rather than breathing smoke.

The E Cigarettes is the cartridge device which is having liquid with the heating element for evaporating the battery and the liquid. The earlier studies showed that the electronic cigarettes have tobacco and few toxins. But most of the studies did not detect the nitrosamines in e-cigs. Nitrosamines are an important element of the carcinogens group in the tobacco products. There are few e-cigs which had nitrosamines of less than the 500 – 1,400 levels. Other cigarettes will contain fewer amounts of the ingredients but come slightly expensive.

Most of the E Cigarettes participants can opt for inhaling the non-nicotine or the vaporized nicotine solutions. There are no cardiac problems after using the e-cig for 7minutes, compared to the traditional smoking which increased the heart rate and contracted blood vessels.