Embroidery on Shirts with Modern Printing Technologies and Fashion Trends


Cotton shirts and t-shirts are integral part of regular outfits. Men and women both wear cotton shirts and t-shirts made of vest material. Shirts are made up of various types of dress materials, but t-shirts are always made of very soft quality cotton material, usually used for vests. Various types of prints are used for shirts. These printings are used for embroidery of the shirts. There are numerous types of printing technologies which are used to embroider these men and women shirts. Embroidered t-shirts are hugely popular all over the world. These shirts are available in various price ranges in all dress stores. The shirts are suitable for people of all ages.


The embroidered shirts are available in a wide range or prints and designs. Each type of shirt print is suitable for people of different age groups starting from children, young people, teenagers as well as elderly people. Different types of prints and printing technologies are applied on the shirts. These printed shirts are equally adorable by men and women. These are popular in all the countries of the world. People of different countries use different types of prints on their t-shirts. People look gorgeous in their printed t-shirts. These are also very easy and comfortable wearing.

Printing technology

There are numerous modern technologies for embroidery t-shirts. The ink jet printing technology is a very popular one. This printing technology is applied on t-shirts made of pure and high quality cotton fiber. These are very fine cotton fibers, allowing enough air pass throughout the body. It is also harmless and friendly on the skin. High technology printing machines are used to print shirts in extensive mills and factories. The skillful laborers, working in the factories do various designs on the shirts and make them look good. Embroideries are must for t-shirts.

Types of embroideries

Various types of embroideries and tattoos are used on shirts and t-shirts. Embroideries may be of animals, plants, flowers, leaves, famous people, mementos, designs, graphics, famous places, etc. T-shirts specially made as costumes for various organizations or institutions have prints of symbols or names of their organizations. These prints and embroideries last long and need little maintenance. These are very easy to wear, carry and maintain. The prints never get fed due to prolonged washing and cleaning. Thus, they are very durable. Embroidered t-shirts are hugely popular in the whole world, among people of all cultures, ages, societies and nations. People residing in countries of all types of climatic conditions can comfortably wear cotton printed shirts.

Customer satisfaction

Shirts and t-shirts with beautiful embroideries and prints are available in retail outlets, all over the globe. Reputed national and international textile manufacturers supply printed t-shirts inland and also overseas. The customers are highly satisfied with the beauty, comfort and durability of the shirts. These are available at very reasonable prices, with low tax rates. People from all the classes of the society can afford and buy printed shirts. These are the most cost-effective garments and suitable for all seasons. These follow the latest and updated fashion trends. Many world-famous dress designers also design different types of printed t-shirts, following world fashion trend. These are the reasons for the global popularity of printed shirts.