Gifting Cigars – The Evergreen Tradition That Is Still Followed With a Lot of Heartiness


Cigars were once associated with the powerful elite and wealthy. However, these days, anyone can take pleasure in using it. With the rise in standard of living, more and more people can afford to buy the finest quality cigars and enjoy puffing them. Gifting your close friend or family member with something special enriches every moment, be it on birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day and on many other occasions.

There are various ways of classifying cigars. It can be by their shape, size, strength, origin of make, and the way they were made (machine or hand-rolled). Commonly they are categorized by its length in inches and the ring size (diameter). Besides just selecting the one based on its size, you could also consider its exterior packaging, color and shape. Pyramid, flared and tapered are some of the shapes they are available in.

The cheapest ones are machine made and they are not as great in taste as the hand rolled cigars. Nobody ever enjoys the pleasure of smoking cigars that are machine made. Premium quality cigars are 100% tobacco, and they don’t come with any preservatives. Before buying them, check if the wrapper is tight and smooth. Take assistance from the sales person belonging to a reputed tobacco establishment, and get your queries answered at the earliest.


Each type and brand of cigar tastes distinctly different. The wrapper does not tell you much about the flavor. However, dark wrappers have a tendency to produce a sweet flavor, while the ones with lighter shades tend to give a thick dry taste. Whether the cigar is medium, mild or full bodied, it does not mutually relate with quality.

Peppery, spicy, burnt, earthy, green, cocoa, woody, aged, roasted, cedar, creamy, oak, leathery and fruity are some of the cigar textures and flavors available in the market. Cigar smoke, sometimes when inhaled, gives taste of original tobacco clubbed with other flavors. Quality of the cigar, type of tobacco, added flavors, humidity and the method of production (machine made or handmade) contribute a lot to its flavor.


The level of humidity in which cigars are stored has a very significant role to play when it comes to its taste. It is supposed that a cigar’s flavor and taste best evolves when the relative humidity and temperature are maintained accordingly.

If you intend to gift a cigar to an aspiring connoisseur of cigar, choose a mild flavored one in different style and size available at your nearby local stores. Generally, they cost less than the cigars that have strong flavors. Learn the best way to store them at home, so that you do not ruin this precious item. If they are not kept like how the cigars are meant to, then they dry out and lose their flavors.

Purchasing cigars:

When you want to invest or buy any commodity, the first thing that you would need to do is gather enough information about the manufacturer or seller. Visiting a store is that anybody would do, but with the convenience of the vendors marketing their products online, you do not have to waste time on traveling anywhere.

Visit any one of the websites belonging to reputed manufacturer or a dealer and check out the listed items. Go through each and every detail, price and description. Compare the product features and prices with other vendors too. This will give you better idea, which one to go with.

One of the main reasons why you should prefer online shopping is because it gives you more than enough options to choose from. You could go through hundreds of varieties and order the best among them. Most of the online dealers offer free shipment. Also, you could check if the vendors are offering any discount coupon, which the local storekeepers generally don’t.