Guess Has One of the Finest Collections of Men and Women Watches


Guess is a well-known brand in the world. It comes in the top list of the high end brands which offers products in all categories such as clothing, watches, jewelry, bags etc. It is termed to be a high end brand because all the products which are manufactured by this product are quite expensive and of very good quality. Guess as a brand would have exclusive stores for itself where they would sell all their products. The watches of Guess are most famous as compared to all other products which are manufactured by them.

This brand was founded in 1981 by Paul Marciano. Initially when they brand was launched only clothing was its main product. But gradually with time and with market competition these people started manufacturing all other products also. It offers men and women both gender watches.

In case of men’s guess watches they offer watches of many types which would differ in terms of size and shape. Initially purchasing Guess watches was a little tough to find, but now days they are easily available in different stores of all the countries. The men’s watches are mostly a little bigger in size. They are available in strap as well as chain. The most common colors are – Gold, silver, Black, Brown etc.

In case of women’s Guess watches they offer vast variety in various colors. They are not restricted to just basic colors – black and brown but they come in pink, purple, rose colors also. This gives a more feminine nature and look to it. The women’s Guess watches are a little smaller in size and have studs to make them look more attractive. There are many advantages which would make us prefer Guess watches over any other brand:

• Guess is a brand which most of the people are aware of. It is gaining a lot of popularity in these days.

• They have huge variety which keeps on changing and people can choose from them

• There are many price ranges from which we can choose the watch.

• The material used in these watches is very fine and lasts for long time

• This brand provides after sales services in terms of warranty and maintenance.

• This brand not only offers watches but many other products including clothes, footwear etc. hence this makes shopping experience more nice

Watches are almost used by everyone today. We all like wearing wrist watches for the purpose of a necessity and also for fashion. People of all age groups prefer wearing watches. Watches are of various types today like – Studded with jewel pieces, some hangings added to the watch etc. The come in various sizes and shapes. The shapes of watches can be – round, oval, square etc. everyone has its own taste of shape and size of the watch.

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