Important Things to Consider When Sending Funeral Flowers


If you want to send flowers to a funeral, it is important to make sure that you observe proper etiquette. You send flowers to express your sympathy as well as provide a sense of comfort and warmth to the loved ones and family. Before you consider the things associated with sending flowers, you must understand that flowers may not be appropriate for funerals. A number of religions such as Islamic or Jewish have not used flowers to symbolize sympathy.

Instead they send a food or fruit basket to a Jewish family. Also, some families would prefer funeral guests to donate money to a particular charity or fund rather than sending flowers. This can include a college fund for the deceased’s children or a charity which supports studies on the disease that caused the death of the person. Make sure that you check the obituary, check with other people close to the family and ask the funeral home if you can send flowers. If so, then your next concern would be to determine the kind of flowers to send.

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Making the Right Choices

Flowers symbolize growth and forward movement. A funeral accepts most followers which have different meaning. Famous preferences include red roses which represent love and white lilies which represent peace. As you decide on the kind of flowers to choose, you need to check with the florist who is handling the funeral. Often, they will have a color scheme or theme and can adapt with the arrangement so that your requests and budget will be met. Also, when the funeral is not being handled by any florist or you prefer to make your own bouquet, you just have to consider the likes and dislikes of the deceased person. Did that person love gardening and had a favourite flower? You may also pick the flower that relates to his birth month or a certain memory you had with him that involved a particular flower.

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In terms of flower arrangements, you can choose from wreaths, potted plants, vases, floral baskets, inside pieces and casket sprays. Anyone can send floral vases or baskets, potted plants and basic sprays. But the direct family often handles casket sprays, inside pieces and wreaths.

Where to Send Funeral Flowers

When you send flowers, you can consider sending them to the church or funeral home. The flowers will be displayed for viewing. They can be brought home by the family following the service.

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When to Send them

Typically, if a person dies the funeral will be held in one week or more unless some circumstances will take place. The florist who will handle the funeral will be informed and will take orders following the selection of a funeral date. It is best to plan with enough time and make an advance order so funeral flower arrangements will arrive to the funeral prior to the first viewing. If it is not possible for you to have the flowers that early, then send the flowers to the house of the family. If you are in Australia and want to know how to arrange a funeral flower delivery in Australia, check information from the internet or from someone you know who may have arranged such service in the past.