Practical Anniversary Surprises for Your Sweetheart


It’s that time of year again – anniversary season! For weeks, your sweetie has been dropping hints that she’s expecting something special this year. Since this anniversary will commemorate 10 joyous years of marriage, you can hardly blame her for wanting a big surprise. Unfortunately, despite racking your brain for days, you’re at a loss regarding what to get her. At this point, schmaltzy cards, romantic dinners and walks through the park have all been done to death. Fortunately, there are a number of thoughtful, practical and, above all, romantic gifts that are sure to make your sweetie remember why she fell for you in the first place. So if you’re determined to make your next anniversary one to remember, consider the following gift ideas.

Master Bathroom Remodel

For years, your wife has been complaining about the state of your master bathroom. Frankly, after taking a look at the place, it’s hard to blame her. The tiling is cracked and decayed, the sink and tub are ancient and the less said about the mold situation, the better. Despite assuring her that you’ll tend to the problems, you’re both less than enthusiastic since your home improvement know how is sketchy, to say the least. With your anniversary right around the corner, now is the perfect time to call in a crew of professional remodelers to give your wife the master bathroom she’s always dreamed of.

Attractive Sinks and Tubs
Attractive Sinks and Tubs

When shopping around for attractive sinks and tubs, pay a visit to European Sink. Boasting an extensive selection of aesthetically-pleasing kitchen and bathroom fixtures, this Atlanta-based superstore is a convenient one-stop shopping destination for anyone interested in remodeling.

Romantic Getaway

If there’s a place your wife has been dying to visit, this is the perfect time to make her dreams a reality. Whether he ideal travel destination is overseas or within the United States, spare no expense when booking your romantic getaway. After all, if you can’t go all-out on your 10th anniversary, when can you? Celebrating this milestone occasion with a memorable trip is sure to set the bar a notch higher for anniversaries to come.

Wonderful Style Buthtub
Wonderful Style Buthtub

Personalized Jewelry

Instead of buying your sweetheart an easily forgettable piece of over-the-counter jewelry, why not commemorate this special anniversary with a personalized ring, bracelet or locket? Most jewelry stores will gladly add personal inscriptions to any item for a small additional fee. Additionally, for a marriage that’s lasted a solid decade, there should be no shortage of things to inscribe. For example, the inscription could be something as simple as your wedding date or something as moving as a heartfelt personal message to your beloved. Each time your special someone dons your gift, she won’t be able to resist thinking of how much you mean to her.

Your anniversary can be a surprisingly stressful time of year. The pressure to continuously outdo yourself in the gift department is oftentimes overwhelming. However, by taking a little time to think outside the box, you can come up with a thoughtful assortment of unique gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your special someone fall for you all over again.