The Perfect Choice for Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day


February 14th – Valentine’s Day – is a day on which we celebrate love. However, St Valentine, the saint who gives his name to this day, is more traditionally associated with the advent of spring. It is said that “Saint Valentine brings the keys of roots”, and his feast day marks the day when plants and flowers begin to grow. So, what better way to celebrate this day, than with the gift of flowers? Here is a selection of different ideas.

Roses are red……

Red roses are the flower most traditionally given on Valentine’s Day. A single rose, maybe laid on a bed or in a glass vase on a tray for breakfast in bed, is a simple message of love. For something a little more demonstrative, maybe with a proposal, or on a 1stValentine’s day, a dozen roses, tied with a red ribbon is a great idea.

Roses are red
Roses are red

… or white, or yellow, or pink.

If you are thinking about giving roses, but want a twist on the traditional, why not consider different colours? Roses now come in many shades, and you will be sure to find a bouquet in your loved one’s favourite colour(s). If you want something that is really unique, you can commission a flower expert to create a new variation of rose, with the option of naming it. You can be sure that naming a rose after that special someone will really demonstrate their place in your heart.

February flowers

Seasonal flowers are a good option, as it ensures that you get a bloom at its peak form, shape and smell. February flowers include the primrose and the violet. Tell someone you are interested in to take a chance on you, with white violets, or to let someone know you’ll always be true with blue violets. Give a primrose to say that you can’t live without that person.


Camellias come in a variety of colours, but for a message of love,pink, red, and white are best.White Camellia’s say ‘You’re adorable’ perfect for telling someone that you are interested, without seeming too over the top. Red Camellias say ‘you’re a fire in my heart’, maybe for the start of a relationship, or to tell a long-term partner that you are still passionate about them. For the lovers that are parted, Pink Camellias are great; they say ‘Longing for you’.

Proposed with Flower
Proposed with Flower

Show you care with carnations

Carnations are traditionally used as a wedding flower – to put in men’s buttonholes – and are associated with love. Just like the Camellias, red, pink and white carnations are used to show that you have romantic feelings for someone, but are warned; yellow carnations mean rejection or disappointment.

Favourite flowers and colours

Forget-me-nots, as the name suggests, are seen as remembrance flowers. They are traditionally worn as a sign of enduring love and faithfulness. If you are in a long-distance relationship, or maybe just to let someone know that you still care, consider these delicate, blue flowers.

Favourite flowers and colours

Maybe your loved one has a favourite flower? A personalised selection of their favourite flower(s) would really show that person how much you care.If you really have no idea what the person’s favourite flower is, go for flowers in their favourite colours.

Favourite  Flowers and Colours
Favourite Flowers and Colours

Not sure what to choose?

I have chosen some flowers that are often given on Valentine’s Day, but if you want to give flowers, and you are not sure which ones, why not let the experts help you? All you need to do is give the florist the occasion and budget, and they will create the perfect bouquet. For a more personal touch, as I said above, give the florist an idea of colours or flowers you might prefer them to include.

Live for longer

Flowers, though beautiful, don’t last very long. If you want a longer-lasting moment of your love, a potted plant or small bonsai tree is a great option. It can give the recipient pleasure for many years, and serve as a constant reminder of you.

So, on Valentine’s Day, show that special someone you care with a gift of flowers.

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