Top Tips to End-Up Finding Professional Wedding Florist


In any wedding, the wedding flowers hold its own significance and are considered as one of the most important elements for the big day. These wedding flowers not just provide colour and decoration to the whole ambience, but it also symbolizes growth, life and rebirth.

So, to make your event more attractive and memorable, it is necessary that you hire a professional wedding florist who is having expertise in handling grand events with flowers like wedding.

So let us have a quick look on some of the important tips guiding to end-up finding an appropriate professional wedding florist.

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• Finding a florist:

It is rightly said that “Wedding florists can make or break your event”. Prefer to select the florist who has previously served at any of the events of your friends or relatives. If you already have your own floral designer then you can proceed with their services. Perform deep research before finalizing florist for your own event. Visit several websites that have their own vendor listings and are having photos, general pricing information as well as reviews. Before deciding one for you, visit at least three different florists’ shops after taking appointments from them. While visiting the shop have a look around the shop and judge if you like the arrangements of the store window. Also pay attention to the flowers that if they are fresh and bright or not. Check that the shop is clean or not and the members of the florist shop are co-operative and friendly or not. Ask them about their previous experience while organizing any of the wedding events and have a look on the photographs of the wedding event.

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• Sharing the ideas:

You can share your ideas with your florist and come up with your own ideas which could help florist to know about your choices and your preferences. One can bring the swatches of the bridesmaid dress fabric or pictures of floral arrangements that you like from the magazines. Notice that the florists are responsive to your ideas and that they are eager to know about your vision. If at any point you feel that the florist is criticizing your ideas or is not taking interest in your discussion, you can go with another florist. It is necessary that you feel comfortable with the person who could guide you the right way for planning your wedding ceremony. Also make sure that the florist is suggesting you the options keeping in mind your budget factor.

• Booking the florist:

Booking of wedding florist depends on how long you have to plan for the event. But it is advisable to book the florist 6-8 months prior your wedding event and make a contract with them. For this also you need to finalize some of the major things prior signing the contract such as wedding ceremony site as well as reception site, guests list and details of other parties along with wedding party.

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• Things need to be asked to wedding florist:

You can also ask some of the major queries related to your event. Enquire about the style of their arrangement (i.e., whether it would be modern or a traditional one). Other than that ask them about how many orders they are going to serve on your own wedding day and will he be the main person responsible for the whole arrangement. Ask about the budget of flowers and what it would finally cost after arranging the flowers for them. These are some of the questions that you should ask them prior finalizing the one for your ceremony.

Thus, this is how one can arrange the best professional florist for their important events like wedding. They will surely contribute in making your event more special and unique from others.

Author’s Bio:

Bency George is a wedding professional and is sharing some points for finding best wedding florist for your wedding. He has organised many successful and memorable wedding or event flowers and is presenting guidelines for the same.