Volcanic Wines from the Galilee


There were active volcanoes in the northeast part of the Galilee at one time, leaving rich volcanic soil. Grapevines have taken well to the mineral-rich basalt and limestone soil. Today, the volcanic oak-forested hills rise 1100 meters above sea level and overlook the breathtaking view of the Hula Valley and Upper Galilee towns.

The grapes prosper in the cold, snowy winters, alternating with sunny summers blessed with cool nights. Suitable for immediate drinking, volcanic wines still benefit from aging under appropriate conditions Such wines are complex, with varied aromas, rich color and balanced in flavor.

Galileegift.com offers two volcanic wines: a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay. The Cab-Sav expresses a powerful and full aroma accompanied by a pleasant seasoning of wild fruit flavors. Light golden in color, the Chardonnay presents an aromatic nose and light wood hints and tastes of pineapple, citrus and ripe melon fruits.

The Volcanic Galilee gourmet wines have received much positive attention, resulting in many awards from different gourmet organizations. The volcanic soil is foundational to the great taste of the wines, but there is much more to these wines. Harvested manually, they undergo slow cold fermentation in stainless steel. The wine is then matured in French oak barrels for a period of twelve months for the red wine and five months for the white.

Both galileegift.com volcanic wines are Kosher and Kosher for Passover. If your perception of Kosher wines is one of heavy sweetness with little else, brace yourself for a pleasant surprise. No surgery sweet wines these; they are much more refined – dry wines that will please the most sophisticated wine-lover.

Volcanic Galilee wines are uniquely grown and manually processed by a boutique winery, offering an authentic gourmet experience that is quite unusual. The attention to quality and character is obvious in the tasting. Paired with authentic handmade spice mixes, sauces, spreads, tea, honey, even olives or olive oil, these wines are the basis for quality gift boxes that will please friends and associates, on any gift-giving occasion. They are shipped free to any address you choose, direct from the Galilee.

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