What Is An Online Handmade Only Marketplace?


An online handmade only marketplace, like iCraftGifts.com is a platform for artists and crafters to sell their handmade crafts, jewellery, accessories and all sorts of unique hand-crafted products. There are actually a surprisingly large number of advantages to both buying and selling handmade products online. Let’s say for example that you are in search of handmade earrings. When you type that into the search engine, you will come up with around 9,240,000 websites you could visit, and many are not even offering truly handmade items. This can be extremely frustrating for the person who is looking for something that specific. On other hand, an online handmade marketplace offers a guarantee that they will only find handmade items for you, and you can tailor your search details to target exactly the items you are looking for at iCraft handmade gifts.

iCraftGifts.com is a place where vendors can create and maintain their own stores without having to have technical expertise or needing to know how to rank well in search results. And shoppers can browse and easily buy unique handmade items that will not be duplicated anywhere else. Shoppers, who are in search of unique items, but without the time to shop offline comparing and tracking down the perfect gift, will be pleased and impressed with their experience on iCraft. The full colour images, detailed product descriptions and availability of artist profiles give each customer the same feeling as if they were holding the product in their hands. They have the ability to ask for more details, connect via email with the artist and leave customer feedback. There are a lot of great deals, like free shipping on some items or holiday discounts, and customer service is top notch. What more would you look for in a shopping experience?

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

As far as an online resource goes, the digital marketplace at iCraftGifts.com offers a full service experience and the best way to sell handmade gifts. If you are well versed in online shopping, you can type in your refined search criteria and off you go. If you need some help and are unsure of how to begin, the Help section is where you will find frequently asked questions and specific help depending on whether you are a seller, a buyer or if you want specific help orienting to the iCraft Community. The individual stores are set up and maintained by sellers from different countries, and the website is optimized so that artists’ products are seen and sold by customers globally as well. You can see what is new on the site since your last visit, which items may be on sale at the moment and what other people have been buying. It truly is an online community and provides an exceptional way to shop for unique hand-crafted items that you can’t find anywhere else.