What Is Carat Diamond?


When we are buying any jewellery made up of diamonds, the first thing that is told to us by the salesman is about the carat. Carat diamond is a term with which many people are not familiar. Carat is basically a unit that helps in the determination of a diamond’s weight. Though, it is important to keep in mind that it has nothing to do with the appearance or size of the stone but still many people get confused regarding this concept. A diamond stone that has been well cut may appear small in size meaning it may look as if it has fewer carats. On the other hand, there can be large sized diamonds that may look as if they are high in carats but may be poorly cut. Thus, many times, jewellers use Bugs Bunny method in measuring carats, that is, the more are the number of carats, the more it is better. Chart diamond offers necessary information about this concept.

Materials having an equal volume with similar density, however, will have same weight approximately, hence in case of diamond; particular sizes are represented as the carat weight. Diamonds that are cut as per ideal proportions, these sizes will be dependent. In way of points, usually jewellers refer to the weight of carat in diamonds. Stones that are less than one carat, it holds true specifically.

In a carat, there are hundred points to a carat, so in case a jeweller says that seventy five points have been weighed by a stone, it refers to the weight as 75/100. It can also be considered as 3/4 of a carat. Similarly, twenty five points can be considered as ¼ of a carat. Thus a ten point diamond is 1/10 of a carat. It is important to understand that by carat we mean weight and it has nothing to do with size. This point needs to stress again and again. This is because people are always mistaken about carat and its actual meaning. Thus, if looking for different sizes in different stones, the concept of carat will be different. All this information is available in carat guides. This guide is perfect for all those who do not have any knowledge about this parameter of judging a diamond stone. One can refer to diamond carat weight chart for more clarity.

Thus, knowing all these things, it should not come as a surprise that the cost of the diamond is proportionate to the number of carats. More are the carats; more is the cost of the diamonds. One cannot think as per logic every time and say that one carat diamond and half of the two carat diamond is same. The cost of one carat diamond is quite more than the half of two carat diamond stone.