What To Do With Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, and it’s nice if you can plan a lovely surprise for your girlfriend on this day. Not only will it give her something to remember, but it’s a great excuse for the two of you to spend some quality time together.

Valentine’s Day Ring Gifts
Valentine’s Day Ring Gifts

1. Have a night in

February is still a very cold month in Canada, and you might not feel like bracing the snow and ice and driving out somewhere to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If this is the case, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a quiet night in, and in fact, you can might it even more romantic than going out. This works best if you live alone and can invite your girlfriend round or if you live together anyway. It’s not quite as romantic with other family members or house mates roaming around you both! You can rent a movie to watch, get a pizza from Domino’s or Pizza and snuggle up nice and warm on the couch for the evening. If you want to be more romantic, plan a surprise meal that you’ve made in the house, but only do this if you’re pretty good at cooking!

2. Propose!

If you want to propose any time soon to your girlfriend, you can’t pick a more romantic time than Valentine’s Day. There are many ways you can propose, but make sure that you look at the best engagement rings Toronto beforehand and pick out a perfect ring for her. Book a table at a romantic restaurant in Toronto or take her to the top of the CN Tower and propose in front of all the other tourists! Don’t rush your proposal though, make sure that you plan it carefully and decide what you’re going to do. There are many ways to propose, including alone during a walk, in the snow, at a surprise party with your family or over a romantic meal.

Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

3. Go on a road trip

This works amazingly well if Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend. When you both finish work or studying on the Friday evening, pack your things and go for a weekend away or a road trip. If you want to make this a surprise, tell your girlfriend that you’re taking her somewhere but don’t tell her where. Give her all the information she needs to pack the right equipment but keep the location a secret. You can travel to Niagara Falls quite easily from Toronto in less than two hours, and when the sun sets and the falls are lit up, there’s not a more romantic place in the area to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love.