Why Shoddy Glassware Isn’t Worth the Risk


There are of course thousands of different grades of glass and glassware to choose from on the market today, but realistically these can be grouped into two categories – the quality and the shoddy. Needless to say, the latter of the two is the most heavily populated by far and it can often be difficult to find products genuinely worthy of being classed as quality.

However, there are plenty of high-end glassware retailers on the web today where the lacklustre can be sidestepped altogether in favour of the truly exceptional. And for those wondering if it’s really worth all the fuss, here are just a few reasons why shoddy glassware really isn’t a good idea to bother with:

Frequent Replacements

First up comes the way in which cheaper glassware is prone to breaking, cracking or in some way becoming unusable at the proverbial drop of a hat. From a mild change in temperature to a slight knock and so many other examples besides, cheap glasses break far too easily. And the easier a glass breaks, the faster it has to be replaced…and so on…and so on. Some people think they are saving money by investing in the cheapest glasses they can find, but given the fact that they end up having to replace them all a dozen times in the first year doesn’t really paint a picture of a sensible investment.

Potential Toxins

Rare as it may be these days, it is still perfectly possible to come across the cheapest glassware on the market that contains toxins and other substances that aren’t exactly good for the health of those using them. These toxins can seep out each time the glass is used and potentially lead to some serious health complaints – rare instances admittedly but the risk is still there when buying bargain-basement glasses.

Loss of Sparkle

It might not be the most important consideration of all, but it’s nonetheless safe to say that buyers in general don’t like the thought of their glasses looking dull, worn and grey after only being used a few times. This will usually lead to replacements and thus more costs, therefore doesn’t tend to bode well. Buy decent glassware on the other hand from a recognised name and the result will be an investment that lasts and retains its sparkle for the long term.

Health and Safety

Last up, it really isn’t until a glass breaks at the worst possible moment that we get a painful reminder of just how dangerous glass in general can be. The trouble is, those that buy the lowest quality glassware face the very real prospect of their glasses breaking or shattering with relative ease, meaning their chances of being injured by the glass also increase as a result. Health and safety might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering where to buy glasses from and which to go for, but when it comes to looking after the best interests of ourselves and our families, it should at least be factored in.